A Rocky Road: The Pandemic’s Effect on LBHS Cross Country


Courtesy of LBHS XC

Ignacio Gutierrez at a meet vs Central Valley.

Pio Romo, Staff Reporter

The pandemic has changed a lot of things…unsurprisingly. The current situation of the world has called for many people and things to adjust to its climate in order to survive. 

One of these things is sports. On the major level, many details have had to change to accommodate our current situation, such as fan attendance and mask mandates. These issues translate down to smaller levels, like semi-pro, or high school, which is where I write this story. This week, I will analyze how high school sports have been impacted by the pandemic, and how this may impact student-athletes, by examining the sport of cross country at our high school. 

This year, all student-athletes must wear masks while complying to other regulations. For high school junior and cross-country runner Ignacio Gutierrez, these bring more negatives than positives. He shared his discontent as the pandemic “eliminates the ability to socialize like before.” Similarly, he states, “I miss being able to talk and run with people.” Nonetheless, this won’t stop Gutierrez  from attempting to complete his season goal, which is to run three miles at or under 21 minutes. 

Crystal Hernandez, a sophomore cross-country runner, identifies a difference this year in the sport as “..it’s more on your own as an individual.” She also expresses her dissatisfaction with the pandemic’s effect on sports, stating, “What I miss most is probably the fun team runs where we just got to run for fun and ourselves.” 

It’s understandable that most runners miss the old days of the world where they were free to do as they please. Obviously, in the present day, the glories of the past are impossible to re-experience. Regardless, the LBHS cross-country team still feels very strongly about their chances this year in the midst of uncertainty, so to them, I wish them a great season. 

What do you make of this? If you play a sport or do another extracurricular activity, how has it been affected by current situations? Let me know by writing a comment down below.