Changes in Office: Biden plans to replace government fleet with electric vehicles

Jesus Garcia Elizalde, Staff Reporter

When Biden took office this year, he made changes to the White House and with bills.

He personalized the Oval Office to his liking with a new darker blue carpet. Behind Biden sits is a bust of civil rights activist Cesar Chavez. Other busts on display are those of Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Robert F. Kennedy.  Biden removed the portrait of Andrew Jackson because he does not agree with the ideas he had. Biden did add a big portrait of Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln.  He did keep the same desk used in the Oval Office by Presidents Trump and Obama called the Resolute Desk.

President Joe Biden is currently in his second month as president and he has made changes to the country.

Electric vehicles reduce emissions which cause global warming and seem to be the future. Biden took an initiative to jump start the plan. When announcing the ¨Buy America” executive order, he introduced his plans to replace the government fleet to electric cars.

The U.S government is a big purchaser of vehicles. However replacing such big fleet of 650,000 vehicles will cost a lot of time and money. Biden did not specify a time frame for the transition to EV vehicles. Biden did say that the transition will create a lot of new jobs which is good new for Americans. This announcement is good news because its going to inspire other countries to do the same, especially with concerns are high about global warming, but some states are not onboard because of their own strict entry laws.

While Biden stays true to his plan to eliminate toxic emissions and move to electric cars, there is much to consider from manufacturing, cost, and time.