Concerns for returning to school

Julian A Delgadillo, Staff Reporter

Many concerns have came with the opening of schools. Such as how are schools going to be scheduled and how classroom layouts are going to look like. Parents also are concerned about their child’s safety and health.

Zaira Hernandez, an elementary school social worker for Parlier Unified stated, ¨Since returning I have been slightly skeptical and a little anxious. I can’t communicate with my co-workers about lessons or activities. It just makes it ten times harder since mostly everything is through Zoom or email. On top of this while working with the younger students, it’s hard for them to comply with them keeping their masks on. Working with Parlier Unified, they take every precaution and more to make sure the staff and students are safe. By splitting students into groups and changing the schedule so some students are in school one day and another group on zoom the next couple of days.¨

Another big concern she has involves the learning process for her students.  She commented that she is nervous if students are even grasping the material over zoom.

She has since returned to campus on February 23, and she enjoys in-person learning, but she is also concerned about the students’ learning and enjoyment of the lessons and school overall.  Although she enjoys in-person learning more over distance learning it does not come without its scares.

Mrs. Hernandez stated, ¨It’s hard keeping the little ones away from touching their faces and keeping their hands to themselves, which concerns me about the health of others and myself included. Also having them sanitize every 15-25 minutes to ensure they are clean is also another challenge along with all the other challenges that come with this pandemic.”

Mrs. Hernandez continues her work at Parlier elementary with her concerns, just like many teachers and parents.