Gaming Keeps Teens Connected

Douglas Wallace, Staff Reporter

With the quarantine set in place because of Covid-19 many of us have not been able to see our friends. Although with that quarantine in place it has not stopped people from staying connected especially through video games.

Since we can’t talk in person many of us turned to an online way to talk. Many programs like Skype, Facetime, and Discord saw an increase in usage throughout quarantine.

A lot of people including myself turned to playing video games with their friends to stay connected. Playing a game with someone is really helpful to staying connected with them because you are both working together on a goal and having fun! Some people may have friends that are not all that into playing video games but there is still a solution to that. Since everyone is quarantined a lot more people have turned to video games, that means you can join a game and talk to people from all around the world!

Video games can help people meet new friends too, since you can have a game where you all have to work together as a team it tends to make people bond together. After finishing your game, a lot of times you will have met a new person to talk to.

If sitting down and playing a game isn’t that interesting to you, maybe you would like to try VR- Virtual Reality. VR headsets have come a really long way in how they preform. A VR headset allows you to be more immersed in the world around you this is especially helpful for wanting to feel like you are out of the house. With games like VR chat, people have been able to put on a headset and talk to millions of other players like they are really there.

Players that have a common goal or that want to meet new people will always find a like minded person to spend quality time with, that’s what makes video games such an interesting medium to find new people!