Science Department Thanks Local Hospital

Yahir Mondragon Ramirez, Staff Reporter

Mr. Frank Leonard, a science teacher and his students created a poster for Los Banos Memorial Hospital.

Mr. Leonard explains that our front line workers need to know that they are appreciated, public safety included. Mr. Leonard contracted Covid-19 late November and was seriously ill for four weeks. He went to the emergency room four times during his sickness to treat his symptoms.  These visits and the care of the doctors and nurses inspired him to remind others how good of a hospital we have here in Los Banos. He spoke to many of the hospital staff and wanted to remind them that there are people who truly appreciate their efforts.

Leonard wanted to involve his students and make them aware of the efforts of our local medical staff.  He assigned daily starters at the beginning of each class that focused on self respect, accountability, worth ethic, and more. The poster responses were then added to create a poster to present to the hospital.  The daily starter assigned was: “Our local hospital is working tirelessly everyday to treat patients with the utmost care and compassion as we continue throughout the sars-covid19 pandemic. Seeing first hand what they have to experience each and everyday is humbling.    In 3 or more sentences please write a statement of gratitude for them. I will copy your responses (names excluded) and send them to the hospital.” 

One student response on the poster was “Thank you local hospital for helping everyone who has Covid-19! You guys work non-stop and risk your lives and those you love but you still help those in need! Everyone at our local hospital, I thank you for everything you have done and never giving up on your patients. You guys are AMAZING and are always and forever my heroes.”  There were over 70 responses on the poster.

Overall Mr. Leonard felt good creating the poster to show how appreciated the hospital staff is, and students were also excited to participate in this gesture of kindness.