Places You Should Visit!

Nathan Cantor, Staff Reporter

Throughout the world there are many places you can visit. Places from cities , towns, forests, jungles and ruins. And all these places have something special about them which makes the place enjoyable to visit when you have the chance. And many people from different parts of the world visit and love these places. These are three places around the world that you should visit or travel to.

One of the few places you should visit is Costa Rica. This place offers lot of things to people who go there.  The environment is amazing, as well as enjoyable to see with your eyes. There are many different animals you can see while you are there. Also you can explore the rain forests or swim near a waterfall.

Another place you should visit is a place in Italy called Venice, “the city of water.” This place offers many things to do in the city. You can explore the city’s food places and enjoy food that you never have eaten. And visitors can see interesting building architecture the city offers and see how they are structure. There are plenty of museums to visit too.

The final place you should go see is Alaska.  Alaska is one of those places that you would really enjoy going to. This place has many amazing sites you can see. You can also see the wildlife near forests, lakes, rivers, and mountains. And the landscapes makes visitors feel relax and calm. If you are lucky, you might even see the northern lights.

These are the three places you should visit when you have the chance to.  So what place are you going to go next.