Leak Shows Possible New Uniforms for NFL Teams

Pio Romo, Staff Reporter

The 2020 NFL season was a golden era of new uniforms in the NFL. Last year, six teams unveiled brand new uniforms that were to be donned for the upcoming 2020 season.  This year, it’s not exactly the case. While it’s certainly no frenzy, it seems we still will be having some uniform changes.

Only the Cincinnati Bengals have officially declared that new uniforms will be unveiled for the upcoming season, which they did on Twitter on January 21, 2021. Since then, many have waited in anticipation, but no longer will they have to wait, according to a potential leak on eBay. User originaljersey81 had multiple listings of the potential new black home and orange alternate jerseys.

Bengals Uniform Comparison
Bengals current uniforms compared to their reported new uniforms (Graphic by Pio Romo)

Compared to the previous uniforms, the jerseys seem to be a modern simplification of the previous design, which can also be associated with the minimalist trend. However, this is not all. The same user also had other listings that appeared to leak new alternate uniforms for the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers.

The 49ers will continue to sport their 1994 throwbacks, as they have for the past three seasons. However, instead of sticking with the all-whites, it seems they’ll be transitioning to the red. This uniform is based on the home uniforms they wore in 1994 as part of the NFL’s 75th anniversary, which in turn were based on their 1955 uniforms.

49ers uniform comparisons
(Top to Bottom)The 49ers current 1994 all-white throwbacks, the 49ers 1994 home uniforms, the 49ers new alternate leak (Graphic by Pio Romo)

The Cleveland Browns will also be wearing throwbacks resembling that of their 1946 inaugural season, with the traditional stripes and a orange drop shadow. The uniform will also contain an anniversary patch as well.

Browns 1946 uniforms
The Browns 1946 inaugural uniforms(left), next to their reported leak (Graphic by Pio Romo)