The 2017 Spring Choral Season Has Sprung!


Arianna Ramirez, Staff Reporter

Spring is the Chamber Singers and A Capella Choirs’ most active time of year. From festivals, concerts, trips, and small performances, is it no doubt the most fun time of the year, yet the most stressful time. The students spend December-March in preparation for the occasion.

March 15 kicks off the season with an all-day event at the CSU Stanislaus Choir Festival. The A Cappella Choir and Chamber Singers will perform their respective material and then attend workshops with the campus’ music directors. The Pacheco High School choir will also be attending the festival. 

The most anticipated event of the year is the annual San Luis Obispo trip. Mr. Faria takes the singers on a three-day trip including the San Luis Obispo Choral Festival hosted by Cal Poly. The Choirs stay in Cambria, tour Hearst Castle, and visit Pismo Beach on the way home. This year, the choirs will also be visiting Mission San Miguel, in the city of San Miguel. They depart on March 23 and will return the evening of March 25.

Thanks to successful fundraising efforts, the cost of the trip for the students is the lowest it has been in the last 12 years. This brings the usual price of $100 down to $60, and every student who works at fundraising events can earn credit to bring the price down further. This is all done with the help from the public who make our fundraisers successful. Thank you!

In addition, the spring concert is on April 26, where Concert Choir will join A Cappella and Chamber Singers and perform what they have worked on throughout the year.

As we begin to close the year, the spring season is bittersweet. The singers enjoy their trips, form bonds, and become a true “choir family.” However, in the end, we will miss our seniors dearly; but look forward to beginning new material in the fall.