Hybrid schedule in works to bring students back to campus

Oliver Galvan Mauricio, Staff Reporter

Months ago, COVID-19 forced many places to close down, including schools. Since then, many schools have been on a Distance Learning Online protocol.

Now, there are talks about reopening schools. This is not an easy subject, as for starters there has been no official confirmation for a vaccine ready or that COVID-19 is not a threat any more. Even so, many schools already have a plan for when the time deems it, schools should reopen.

Current interim principal of Los Banos High School, Mr. Paul Enos, shares when reopening may occur. “The soonest return that I can envision would be around the 1st of December, but it will most likely be the start of 2nd semester,” he said.

There is also the subject of how reopening will function, such as social distancing and the schedule that will take place. Mr. Enos explains what will be happen. “If we follow the County’s COVID-19 protocols (6ft distancing, masks, etc.), it would be very safe for students to return to campus.”

He also reminded that the school “will follow all applicable safety protocols set by the County Health Department.” There will also be the implementation of a hybrid schedule, and according to Mr. Enos, it will have the following schedule: “The plan for the hybrid schedule is to have half the students on campus on Monday/Tuesday and the other half on Thursday/Friday.  Wednesday will be for asynchronous instruction, reteach, reassess and individual/small group academic help.”

Even if schools were to reopen, not all students share the same level of comfort. A junior student said, “I would remain in online for a while until we know it’s safe to go back entirely.” Others feel comfortable with being home and participating in distance learning, as another junior said, “I personally would remain online; I like how I’m doing things.”

However, there does exist an alternative option for students if they wish to continue online. “Students will have the option to stay home and do distance learning for the remainder of this 2020-21 school year if they wish,” replied Mr. Enos.

The administration is preparing a plan to bring back small groups of students before Christmas, and then each grade level week-by-week after.  Announcements will be made as decisions are finalized.