Strange Climate Throughout The Globe

Oliver Galvan Mauricio, Staff Reporter

Around this month, it is typical for the days to get chilly by the day. It is around this time that many are preparing for the holidays. Others are snuggling in with the warm covers and drinking hot cocoa. Although the cold did arrive sooner than some expected, there is not much concern about the weather. However, in other parts of the globe that is not the case, because the climate is not in any favorable conditions.

So what is going on? Let’s go on a world tour regarding the current situations of some nations. And what better place to start than next door?

Hurricane Eta and Latin America

This is one of the most recent examples of intense climate activity. Hurricane Eta “formed in the central Caribbean on Saturday,” on October 31, according to CBS News. The hurricane made landfall on November 3 in the nation of Nicaragua. However, Nicaragua is not the only Central American country affected, as its neighbor Honduras also has been impacted by this hurricane. The National Hurricane Center has said that “life-threatening storm surge, catastrophic winds and flash flooding” are the disastrous effects the hurricane has had on the community of the Central American nations. Other neighbors Latin American nations who are experiencing the hurricane’s disastrous impacts are Guatemala, Cuba and the Mexican states of Chiapas and Tabasco, where “deadly floods” have been unleashed, killing many people. Currently, Eta (now a tropical storm) has begun flooding parts of Florida, and has already made landfall, states CBS news. Those who have and currently are experiencing Eta have been forced to abandon their homes and relocate to safer areas.

Eta is now a Category 4 storm.

Floods in Europe

Similar activity is unfolding in a couple of European nations. Since November 5, FloodList reports “torrential rain caused flash flooding” in the Spanish provinces of Valencia, Almeria, Muricia, Alicante, Malaga, Huelva and Seville. Like the situation with Eta, there is a lot of damage caused by the floods, which involve damaged property and, unfortunately, a handful of lives lost. The flooding water have also affected the nearby islands. The flash flooding, caused by severe rainstorms in the region, is expected to move into the neighboring nation of Portugal the following days.

The Middle East

There is also odd climate activity in the Middle Eastern nation of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has been experiencing a lot of hail for the past week. Officials of the country have said it is nothing like they have ever seen before. There had not been such an occurrence in over 100 years. Check out the following video, which showcases what the people of Saudi Arabia have been experiencing.

Impact in Los Banos

Although there is no threat of a hurricane along the West Coast or any reports of flooding here in town, some people find the recent climate change questionable. One week ago, on November 9, the weather suddenly shifted to a chilly environment. While it may seem normal for some, as it is autumn season nearing winter, others did not. A resident in town commented, “It was somewhat drastic. Two days ago it was warm, then suddenly Monday it is chilly.”

Indeed, climate has been acting strange in various corners of the Earth. What do you think about the recent climate?