Mr. Faria: The New Mayor of Los Banos


Mr. Faria holds his first meeting as mayor on a zoom call.

Oliver Galvan Mauricio, Staff Reporter

Despite the current challenges presented this year, the town of Los Banos held it’s Mayoral election. These elections were one of the closest races ever seen in Los Banos. The two candidates for the position of Mayor were Mr. Paul Llanez, a former police officer in town, and Mr. Tom Faria, a city council member of Los Banos for 14 years and a teacher who works at Los Banos High School.  After some time passed, the results have finally been determined.

The elected victor as new Mayor of Los Banos is Mr. Faria!

Mr. Faria has been a resident in Los Banos for 35 and a half years. He states his experience will be useful for the coming decade we are entering. Along with his experience, he has formed various contacts as the years passed and has knowledge of the town’s history. Mr. Faria explained the motive for running for mayor was of concern “for the well-being of the city if someone with no city council experience were in the mayor’s seat during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

When asked if his new position will enter in conflict with his teaching responsibilities, Mr. Faria responded that such would not be an issue. “In a General Law city like Los Banos, the offices of Mayor and City Council member are part-time positions,” Mr. Faria said. He also provided the fact that he has “had no problem balancing the time demands of the positions.”

Being Mayor brings a whole lot of duties he must now accomplish. He adds the following, “There are
two regularly-scheduled council meetings each month, and the Mayor attends the Merced County Association of Governments one afternoon each month. All regular meetings are held after school hours. ”

Special occasions and other similar events also are done after school hours. Although it can be expected that such position may be time consuming, Mr. Faria has clarified that it depends on the circumstances surrounding Los Banos.

To the table of mayor, Mr. Faria brings along a wide array of passions. His passions include his family, faith, humanity, the Arts, technology, agriculture, natural beauty, community, education, entertainment, and his belief in inherent goodness of people. One thing Mr. Faria is most passionate about, as he states, is “about the great accomplishments that can be achieved by people who have the best interests of everyone at heart.”

Our new mayor shares a special message to our fellow readers, “Let’s make Los Banos the best place to live not only in the State of California, but in the whole United States of America!”

Let’s wish the best for Mr. Faria!  Congratulations.