California’s Vaccination Plan Underway

Oliver Galvan Mauricio, Staff Reporter

Everyone in the nation is looking forward to the conclusion of this grave pandemic. Since November 17, 2019, the pandemic of the new coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has spread around the globe like wildfire. The disastrous consequences have had negative effects on the economy, from shutdowns to implemented social distancing protocols in order to reduce the spread of the virus.

Currently, many nations are implementing plans for the vaccination process as more and more vaccine vials are distributed. In  California, there is a vaccination plan underway. In fact, it has already commenced.

Who Received It First ? 

In various parts of the nation, healthcare workers were primarily prioritized since they are in the front lines of combating the virus. Long-term care residents have also been given prioritization for vaccines.

The following section contains an outline of the vaccination process, as well as the individuals who will be directed to receive the vaccines.

The Vaccination Phases


According to the San Francisco Chronicle on the January 27, in an official statement by the FDA, vaccinations “require two doses and are authorized for people 16 years and older.”

Currently, Phase 1A and Phase 1B are undergoing the process of vaccination. Certain individuals fall under one of these phases and tiers depending on the factors labeled above.


Statewide, there have been almost 3,000,000 vaccines administered to Californians. In Merced County, nearly 10,000 vaccines have been given to those residing in the county. Out of all the counties of California, Santa Clara county has administered the greatest majority, the quantity of doses almost reaching 159,000. California’s COVID-19 Tracker by the San Francisco Chronicle has also reported that nearly 22,000,000 doses have been administered nationwide to date on January 29. These figures are prone to continuous updates.

California aims to have administered all state residents by the summer of 2021. To be able to ensure this goal is successful, reminders are everywhere for all people to continue to wear masks, keep practice social distancing and reduce the amount of time outdoors unless it is necessary to go out. People are encouraged to do their part in stopping the virus.

For additional information on the state’s vaccination plan and progress, as well as to be notified of updates, visit the following websites: