New Plans For Returning To School


Oliver Galvan Mauricio

Aside from LBHS, Los Banos Elementary is one of many schools which have programmed to reopen, abiding with the District outlines.

Oliver Galvan Mauricio, Staff Reporter

During the time of this pandemic, various counties and districts across the nation have worked on plans for reopening schools. And Los Banos is no different. In the past months, the school district has presented a hybrid model and anticipates plans for a gradual reopening for certain cohort groups of students.  These plans were in the works back in November, but due to an increase in cases around that month, only a few cohort groups actually returned to in-person instruction.

However, the district has updated the plans for reopening with an updated plan.

Updated Plan 

The LBHS school district sent a letter home explaining the updates for in-person instruction with dates provided.

The administration team has made changes to campus as well.  Classroom will be equipped with individual student screens on desks which will be spaced 6 feet apart, sanitizer machines, and masks.  A plan for students entering and exiting campus are in the works too in order to limit large groups of students traveling together.  Classes will be twice a week for each cohort group and Wednesdays will be for student check-ins, work day, or tutoring time. Students attending classes on campus will come to school in the mornings, and students staying online will have classes in the afternoons.
Procedures are still being determined at this time, and changes may be implemented to ensure student and staff safety.